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Clifton Hickman

Licensed Professional Counselor, ASAT, and EMDR Trained




Clifton Hickman

From as far back as I remember, I have possessed the desire to truly know the depths of the people I met. Every person has a story and I find their stories so compelling – the joys, hardships, adversities, struggles, and passions. Life will throw all types of challenges and hardships we never imagined that make us feel like we are lost in a storm. In my own life, I have faced my own challenges of depression, anxiety, loss, and loneliness that required guidance and care from others. We all need relationships that provide support and wisdom to assist us during troubled times when we feel lost. I have experienced much support, wisdom, and growth during troubled times from going to counseling that has contributed to the person I am today. My joy is to provide this path of growth to others because I have benefited so much in my life from counseling.

I discovered my heart for people who feel lost and without hope during my time on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. Multiple students felt controlled by pornography, sex addiction, substances, and depression. I met students who had trouble figuring out what they wanted to do with their lives and where to find meaning. I found myself more and more engaged in those conversations as well as wanting to grow in my ability to help those who are struggling. So I decided to acquire my Masters in Counseling and attended specialized trainings in order to better understand as well as help strugglers. My goal is to be a fellow traveler with those who struggle. Together we can understand how you got there and we can discover a path forward in order to achieve freedom from your struggle to a better life. Addiction takes a devastating toll on the struggler, the partner of the struggler, and the families. My specialties are sex addiction, porn addiction, gambling addiction, video game addiction, and substance addiction. My counseling is offered from a Christian worldview, but is not limited to faith-based therapy. I am willing to meet you where you are – it is your story.

Other Specialties:

Relationship issues, boundaries, meaning and purpose, motivation, and young adults. 

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