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Michelle McQueen

Licensed Professional Counselor, NCC




Michelle McQueen

My path of understanding, began with witnessing domestic violence in my families. My father joined the military and moving to Germany at the age of 9 which brought better understanding of trauma in the home and in the community. Germany became my home until the age of 24. Most of my acquaintances were military associates. Through these experiences I developed an understanding for silent sufferers. My first Masters was in International Relations in hopes to help Third World Countries but my journey lead me to understand that healing begins with the heart where I continued to get my second Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

My passion started with working with children in 2013 in order to bring healing and infiltrate a child’s worldview from harm to love and healing. Today I am a trained Play Therapist working with children starting at age 6 and Sandtray therapy for both adults and children to develop self-awareness of their inner child and heart with figures and images. My career led me to working with the military population in 2016 due to being immersed in the military culture while in Germany. In graduate school I volunteered to learn EMDR in 2014 in order to help those with post-traumatic stress and any that are silently suffering.

If you are looking for inner healing from loss, to trauma, anxiety and/or just the healing of the heart I hope we can work together to achieve each healing goal

Other Specialties:

Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Relational and/or Social Trauma 

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