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We understand the complexities of family dynamics and offer compassionate therapy services to help strengthen relationships, improve communication, and create a harmonious family environment. Our experienced therapists utilize tailored approaches, evidence-based techniques, and a non-judgmental atmosphere to facilitate understanding, promote empathy, and empower families to overcome challenges. Take the first step towards a happier and healthier family life by scheduling an appointment with us today. Let us guide you through a transformative journey of healing and growth.

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Here you’ll find practical answers to you most important questions about how we approach and treat family therapy as a means to bring healing and balance back to your family’s life.

Why family therapy?

Family therapy or family counseling is a type of care intended to resolve particular problems impacting the family’s health and functioning. It can support a family navigate stressful times, significant changes, or emotional or behavioral health issues of family members.

Family therapy views the issues of individuals within the broader unit, the family. The premise of this form of counseling is that issues can not be effectively discussed or resolved without knowing the community’s nature. For example, how the family works affect how the individual’s issues have developed and are supported or promoted by other family members.

How does family therapy work?

The key idea behind family therapy is that a person’s problems can’t be fully understood or solved without looking at the bigger picture – the family. For instance, family functions can influence how an individual’s issues develop and how they’re maintained or even encouraged by other family members. Family therapy is like a recipe that combines different ingredients to create a delicious dish. Here’s how it works:

The therapist will get to know your family and understand your issues.
Goal Setting:
Together, you’ll set realistic goals that your family wants to achieve.
The therapist will use various techniques to help your family work through their problems and reach those goals.
You’ll regularly review your progress to ensure you’re on track and adjust your plan if needed.

What family therapy services do you offer?

  • Attachment Wounds
  • Family of Origin Wounds
  • Developmental Trauma
  • Betrayal Trauma
  • Unhealthy Conflict Resolution

When do we need family therapy?

It can be tough to recognize the signs, but don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here are some signs that your family might need therapy:

Communication breakdown: Do family members find it hard to express themselves or understand each other? Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.
Frequent arguments: Are arguments and conflicts becoming a regular occurrence in your household? Family therapy can help you learn how to resolve disputes in a healthy way.
Major life changes: Has your family experienced a significant event, like a divorce, relocation, or loss of a loved one? Therapy can help you navigate these difficult times together.
Behavioral issues: Are any family members struggling with emotional, behavioral, or mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, or addiction? Family therapy can support both the individual and the family as a whole.
Parenting challenges: Are you finding it hard to manage your child’s behavior or maintain a strong parent-child bond? Family therapy can help improve parenting skills and strengthen relationships.

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Fort Worth Counseling & Intervention

Our goal is to be a guide in helping you identify, confront, and overcome problematic issues. We understand that sharing your story with us can be difficult and we recognize the privilege we have in being included on your journey. We strive to be safe, affirming, and attuned to your struggles.

Our Promise to You:

Confidentiality is essential and your counselor will hold your story in trust until you are willing and ready to share it with others, if ever. After all it is your story.

We will not push you to journey faster than you are capable of going. As guides we work for you, and your pace is our pace.

Our counselors concentrate on building expertise in specific areas of treatment. We are committed to receiving ongoing training to master the necessary skills to help guide you on the path to wholeness.

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