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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you need to all the most important questions you’ll have on this journey to healing.

Typically our therapists meet with clients once a week for a 50-minute session. Together, we set goals for what you want to accomplish in treatment and desired time-frame for treatment. Similar to personal training or music lessons, we will work with you and give you tools to succeed. You will need to practice these skills between our sessions together, if you want to see optimal results.

Because every person is different and have varying degrees of distress and motivation, this is a difficult question to answer. Some people only need 1-2 sessions to feel better, others that may be seeking deeper change and growth choose to attend much longer. Typically, our clients average between 8 and 20 sessions to find and sustain the changes they are seeking.

Sessions are $100-$165 per 50 minute session. This includes the time your therapist will use between session for assessment, consultation, research and documentation.

While we do not bill insurance directly, we do provide you with a “superbill” to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement or to be applied to your insurance deductible. Please be aware that not all insurance providers cover couples counseling.

We have seen many relationships transform when only one person is willing to work on themselves. Often, this motivates the other partner to want the same changes for themselves, so if your partner is firm about not attending, then yes, consider the benefits of professional support and counseling fo yourself.

Yes, our therapists are trained in working with children and adolescents and we value working with the family as a unit in order to ensure the best results for the child. Please be aware that we do not work with child custody disputes.

Absolutely not. Groups are organized and designed to offer support, healing and hope to all that participate… client or not!

Groups are a monthly subscription fee of $200-$250, depending on the specific group. Fees are charged and the beginning of each month and cover 4 weekly meetings which are 1-1.5 hours long each week.

Most group curriculum is designed to run for three months. However, those who desire to participate longer may do so.

Groups size will typically vary from 8-12 members, depending on the specific group and curriculum.

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Fort Worth Counseling & Intervention

Our goal is to be a guide in helping you identify, confront, and overcome problematic issues. We understand that sharing your story with us can be difficult and we recognize the privilege we have in being included on your journey. We strive to be safe, affirming, and attuned to your struggles.

Our Promise to You:

Confidentiality is essential and your counselor will hold your story in trust until you are willing and ready to share it with others, if ever. After all it is your story.

We will not push you to journey faster than you are capable of going. As guides we work for you, and your pace is our pace.

Our counselors concentrate on building expertise in specific areas of treatment. We are committed to receiving ongoing training to master the necessary skills to help guide you on the path to wholeness.

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