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A Simple Tip to Help Your Relationship Survive in 2022!

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The COVID-19 crisis has significantly impacted our lives. As a result, many couples are now struggling to cope with its aftermath. If your relationship needs a tune-up, we may have a solution.

Are you struggling to find peace, connection, and happiness within your relationship? Lockdowns and guidelines changed the way couples pursued their relationships during the pandemic. While COVID may not have put dating on hold entirely, it did require partners to get creative. For some, it was the final straw that seemed to be the tipping point in the relationship. Now, as we begin the quest to return to normalcy, you may notice things aren’t falling back into place. Maybe the financial strain is ongoing in your family or maybe the stress of the last two years has made it difficult to recognize yourself in the mirror, let alone your partner. So, what can be done to help couples move forward rather than stay stuck hoping to return to their pre-COVID state?

One way to break out of the cycle of poor interactions is to try something different. In other words, if you’re looking for a solution, the first step is to change up what you’re doing. Let’s talk about what a weekly date night with your partner might do for your relationship in 2022.

Why is my relationship struggling in 2022?

Your relationship may be struggling for a variety of reasons. The adage distance makes the heart grow fonder may apply here. If there haven’t been moments to miss your partner, you may not have time to miss the positive qualities you fell in love with.

Next, stress can negatively impact any relationship. Then, a lack of quality time together adds to the problem. Over time, a pattern of poor interactions, communication, and lack of quality time compound the issues.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on a date, you may feel reluctant to schedule one-on-one time. Like many, it may feel like the two of you argue about pretty much everything. So, why would you schedule more time together? Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. In order to begin to heal, this is a fun way to reapproach one another.

Dating your partner is a great way to re-spark a flame within your relationship. Moments of reconnection lay the groundwork to improve your communication, strengthen your bond, and restore trust. Likewise, moments alone may help you remember why the two of you fell in love.

Getting back to the basics of dating may serve as a fundamental component of healing your relationship. Likewise, an important piece of your weekly date may need to include setting boundaries on topics that create tension between the two of you. Instead, plan on keeping conversations light-hearted. Not only does this provide a way for walls to come down, but it also opens the door to being able to laugh together. Even if it’s only for an hour or two a week, dating your spouse may be essential for your future happiness.

How could dating help strengthen your relationship in 2022?

Careers and children can make it challenging for couples to find time for one another. Then, add in the issues of the last two years, such as job loss, financial distress, health issues, racial unrest, and political uproar. As a result, date night may have left the priority list as survival filled every spot. Now is a good time to reset. Dating may be one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship in 2022.

Dating can lead to better communication, less stress, and renew your sense of commitment. Just like your car needs maintenance, so does your relationship. You can think of a weekly date night as putting gas in your car, changing the brake pads, the oil, the windshield wipers, or simply going through the car wash to make it shine. Likewise, reconnecting with your partner regularly may provide the connection you both need to avoid a permanent break down in your relationship.

When you decide you’re ready, schedule a date. Whether you can plan and carry out some meaningful time today or in a couple of weeks, it’s important that you add it to the calendar. On the contrary, the longer you remain distant, the more time you give for resentment and contention to build.

At Fort Worth Counseling and Intervention, we specialize in helping couples reconnect and strengthen their relationships. Sometimes, a pattern of poor interactions can feel as though the relationship is irreparable. However, if you’re both committed to making things wor, your on the right path to finding a solution. Let us help you change course. If you are ready to get yourself or your relationship back on track, give us a call today and lets get started.

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