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Joel Snead

Practice Owner, Licensed Professional Counselor




Joel Snead

I have always loved getting to know people and getting to hear their stories. This passion first led me into being a youth pastor, and I learned quickly I was gifted and enjoyed the counseling aspect of pastoral ministry. Several years after leaving the ministry, my wife and I went to marriage counseling as we were on the brink of divorce. After seeing our counselor for a while, we began to see our marriage mended and healed and I can now happily say we have grown in our marriage for the last 6 years. Because counseling played such a big role in healing my marriage and created lasting tools that have been helpful not only in marriage but in all of my relationships, I wanted to become a part of the healing process in other people’s lives. I had the opportunity to learn and grow in my counseling skills through the church, helping lead Redemption Groups, where I spent 10 weeks meeting with a group of men once a week, working through some of their struggles and sufferings. While going through the master’s program to become a licensed professional counselor, I taught in the public middle and elementary school. Through this experience, I have seen how mental and emotional struggles can affect not only the person dealing with them, but their children as well. As a counselor who is a Christian, I understand that faith and religion can play a big role in people’s lives while there are also others for whom religion carries little significance. I consider myself a counselor who is a Christian, and not a Christian counselor. At the end of the day, no matter what someone may be struggling with, my ultimate goal and desire is to walk with people through struggles and hurts, and to help them find a path that promotes healing and brings about a sense of wholeness.

Other Specialties:

Depression, anxiety, anger issues, mixed family conflict, grief, audible and visual hallucinations, suicidal ideation, relationship and marital struggles, and sexual trauma. 

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