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Robin Henderson

LMSW | Under the supervision of Kim Garrett, LCSW-S, LCDC, CCISM, MBA




Robin Henderson

Growing up as the daughter of a social worker, my teenage self would recount the cruel, harsh, and overall injustice of mandatory “volunteering.” As an adult, I am forever grateful for having the privilege of learning the numerous valuable life lessons that come with the honor of serving others. Majoring in social work was not my original plan. I was a pre-med biology major with the goal of becoming a doctor because “they make so much more money than social workers,” (said my teenage self). However, studying for 20 hours a day to pass the hard classes wasn’t in my “life plan”. Since social work was second nature to me, and doing what you love is so much more valuable than any amount of money, I changed my major and found my calling. 

My job experience includes working for Child Protective Services, juvenile probation, residential treatment, and teaching at a classical Christian school. My life experience includes all the joys and sorrows of marriage, parenting, caregiving, grief, loss, chronic health conditions, etc., etc., etc. Life is hard. I get it. However, circumstances do not control outcomes. We can choose how to respond to things outside of our control. Sometimes we need help realizing how effective choice can be.

Helping people learn to recognize and use their strengths and available resources to build resilience and experience positive change is my overall goal for therapy. 

Other Specialties
Chronic Health Issues, Child Welfare System, Criminal Justice System

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