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Maria Arias

Once upon a time, there was a parent who found themselves on a daunting journey with their intense child. They were overwhelmed by the challenges that came with their child’s deeply loving yet often demanding nature. Traditional parenting techniques seemed to fall short, leaving them feeling lost and frustrated. Their family life was far from the dream they once held…

Together, we can rewrite your parenting narrative. I will provide tools which are crafted to address the specific needs of intense children. You can deepen your connection as the stress and frustration dissipate.  Create a future filled with love, understanding and joy!

• Play Therapy Immersive Program: Discover a unique and effective Healing Through Play program created by Maria Arias, LPC. With decades of experience working with children, Maria has crafted a transformative experience designed to meet the needs of families like yours. 

• Personalized Approach: Maria’s approach is tailored to your family’s unique dynamics. Through interactive parent and child coaching, play therapy sessions, and engaging activities, you’ll witness positive shifts in your child’s behavior and emotional well-being. 

• Comprehensive Resources: Gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources, from articles and videos to creative activities. Our resource library empowers you with valuable insights and tools to foster growth beyond the sessions. 

• Results That Matter: Track your family’s progress with regular assessments and celebrate milestones together. Witness your child’s enthusiasm and engagement grow, building a stronger parent-child bond along the way. 

Maria is a passionate educator whose journey defies convention. From Montessori beginnings to diverse roles like au pair and school counselor, she’s gained a profound grasp of childhood development, especially executive skills.

Maria earned a Master’s Degree, becoming a licensed counselor with a decade-long background in teaching and school counseling at Fort Worth ISD. Today, she practices in-person in Fort Worth, TX, and online in Boulder, CO, and Portland, OR. Specializing in Synergetic Play Therapy and Conscious Discipline, Maria’s work resonates with families through her real-world experiences and Latino heritage.

Based in Fort Worth, TX, Maria lives with her husband and 13-year-old son. Their love for movies, family dinners, and road trips fuels their connections. Embark on this transformative journey with Maria today.

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