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Katelyn Eddleman

Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR trained
Katelyn Eddleman




Katelyn Eddleman

I have always had a passion and interest in helping people. After completing my undergraduate degree at Baylor University, I was compelled to pursue a Master’s in Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. While studying there, I worked as a counselor at Dallas Life. This is a homeless shelter that has one of the top homeless rehabilitative programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Through that experience with trauma, addictions, anxiety disorders and depressive episodes, I gained a vast amount of exposure for which I am grateful.

I have also been able to learn from my own individual life experiences and I am continually striving to be able to empathize and understand how to not only help friends and family, but also to help other’s with complex struggles as well. Other experience includes marital issues, eating disorders and anxiety spectrum disorders, ADHD education, mood disorders and family of origin issues.

My heart is to walk alongside individuals and to be able to help them as they take the next step towards their personal recovery. I want to be able to offer a safe and caring place for individuals to process and grow to be more of who were created to be. I counsel from a Christian worldview, but also feel qualified to compassionately counsel others with a different viewpoint. I have a desire to help others sort through their deep relationship wounds, intense struggles and ultimately to promote healing and recovery.

Other Specialties:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, depression and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, anger, eating disorders, social media and shopping addictions, boundary issues, marital conflict, identity/relational issues, and other mental health concerns. 

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