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JoJo Rankin

LCSW Associate, Under the supervision of Kim Garrett, LCSW-S, LCDC, CCISM, MBA, Certified Therapist in EMDR, Consultant-inTraining




JoJo Rankin

Life can be incredibly difficult.

Regardless if you are facing marriage concerns, parent overwhelm, divorce, difficulty balancing work and life or just don’t feel like yourself I am here for you.

I will meet you where you are as a therapist and help you bridge the gaps of life.

As a previous nurse and foster mom of the past ten years, I understand how difficult life can be! With five adopted children and fostered 30 kids over the years, I often felt overwhelmed, discouraged and like I was failing as a mom.

I work with a variety of clients including individuals, couples, parents, youth and children.

Because we are all different, I mold therapy to fit you.

I am trained in multiple modalities, and work hard to make sure you are reaching your goals and needs of therapy.

I work with a variety of adults including overwhelmed moms, dads who feel like they work too much, couples who have a good relationship but want to make it better, college students, Women facing infertility and individuals who are trying to better their life and overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

I help youth work through self-esteem challenges, bullying, sibling relationships, behavior modification and specialize in working with children and youth with AUTISM and A.D.H.D.

I offer Youth Groups to help teens balance the challenges of life and cover a variety of topics including boosting self esteem, cultivating healthy friendships, overcoming anxiety and more. 

I help parents and youth become a team and rebuild family connections.

I utilize art and sand therapy and have interactive activities during therapy to help the adolescent feel comfortable in sharing the challenges in their life.

I utilize Play Therapy as the primary modality when working with children ages 3-7.

I work one on one with children to help them work through challenging behaviors, difficult emotions, independence, and trauma. I offer parents proven tools to utilize at home to promote each child with a happy healthy childhood experience.

Specialties and Groups
As an Autism Specialist I help children and youth recognize autism as a superpower and plan to offer an “Autism is Awesome” Group in the fall for Pre-Teens and Teens.

I see children and youth with autism one on one and work through sensory and social emotional challenges.

I offer parent training to help families work through specific challenges of Autism.

Being a mom is very lonely. I have created a specialized group for moms to learn and grow together. “The Mom Squad” is a virtual group offered monthly. It is for moms who want to be the best mom they can be.

Regardless of what you’re facing, I will help you on the path to becoming YOU AGAIN and regain the peace in your life.

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