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Caley Griggs

LPC, EMDR Trained




Caley Griggs

From an early age I knew that I wanted to work with people. I have always paid attention to relational dynamics and what makes people “tick.” My parents would call it nosey, but I was genuinely curious! I knew I wanted to use my passion for people and my drive for healthy functioning in a way to help others, but was not sure how to do that professionally. My interest in counseling was sparked in college, as I developed a broader understanding of the world around me, through experiencing significant loss and transition, and by watching relational chaos happen all around me. I was encouraged to pursue counseling as a profession since it seemed to be a natural gift and overflow of my love for people. I intentionally chose an education from a seminary, as I desired to be able to integrate the foundations of my faith and theological understandings into my clinical practice. As I established myself as a therapist and gained experience working with all types of clients, my affection toward those struggling with addiction began to grow. I listened to story after story from addicts whose lives have been torn apart and I realized that there is always a greater issue driving the destructive behavior. The addicts were all looking for ways to find relief, comfort, power, or control in an effort to feel connected to others, to themselves, to the world around them, and most importantly, whether they realize it or not, to the God who created them.

It is my goal in the counseling room to establish a safe environment for those who both share my faith and those who do not. Seeking help is often a difficult step and takes an incredible amount of courage. I want to honor that decision by creating a safe and welcoming space for you to discover (or re-discover) true and lasting ways of being yourself and finding healing. My approach is collaborative and focused on establishing long-term change so that you are able to experience healthier ways of living. Whether you are struggling with an addiction to a substance, a behavioral addiction, or with codependency, I want to help you break free from those patterns and find more effective ways to cope with the difficulties of life. Having been through significant life transition myself, I understand that the change process takes time and effort to return to a sense of stability. It is my hope that we can work together in a cohesive effort to establish and maintain your new, sober-minded “normal.”

Other Specialties:

Anxiety, depression, grief, stress, relational issues, anger, self harm, suicidal ideation, coping skills, behavioral issues. 

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