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Liana Randel

Licensed Professional Counselor




Liana Randel

We all have a story. A story that has shaped and formed us. Sometimes those stories are of deep heartache, sometimes the stories are of great joy. I’m here to listen to your story. To help you find your worth and know that you are loved, valued, seen & heard. Our past can shape how we view ourselves and the people around us but we don’t have to stay living in our past. We can find freedom from past pains.

Healing takes time. Processing your past and seeing how it connects to your present can be such a powerful tool. You may wonder why you make the same choices over and over. Or why you have the same relational conflict with people. Together we can work through those conflicts and undo patterns that may have been ingrained in your mind from an early age.

Counseling is hard. Digging into your dark places isn’t fun and many people want to avoid it or “shove it under the rug”. I want to be a safe place for you to share your story and not fear judgment. You are strong and more capable than you could imagine.

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