Fort Worth Counseling and Intervention

Kristen Drake

Neurointegrative Services & Counseling Student under the supervision of Chris Groff, LPC




Kristen Drake

From a very early age, I’ve always had the desire to walk alongside those who have experienced some form of trauma, marginalization, or vulnerability. Experiencing a compassionate and listening ear in the midst of personal pain and suffering can offer validation, hope, understanding, and a path forward. Through my own life experience and walking with others in the midst of their pain and trauma, it is my belief that wellness should be approached holistically, that is, with body, mind, and spirit considered. We are not just physical beings, but emotional, spiritual, and psychological beings as well. It is for this reason that I’ve chosen to specialize in specific therapeutic interventions that can offer additional neurological and physical support to the overall healing process. Each person is unique and multi-faceted and it is my privilege to walk with each you in your story. Growth and healing can happen in a safe and compassionate environment, while utilizing empowering techniques and tools. I am here to celebrate with you as goals are reached and resilience is discovered.

Other Specialties:

Mindfulness, meditation, and wellness. 

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