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Karen Blandino

Licensed Professional Counselor




Karen Blandino

How many times have you…

Walked into the room only to feel yourself go completely numb or feel small?

Experienced a racing heart or intrusive thoughts that kept you agitated for most of the day?

Heard the ding of a text that caused a panic sensation to flood your emotions?

Found yourself crying unexpectedly?

Noticed a tightness in your chest or inability to breathe when talking with people?

Never feeling like you are enough or feelings of being too much?

Can I tell you today, you do not have to feel shame or loneliness because your emotions and feelings are not behaving the way you would hope.

None of us escape some type of harm in our lives, but this harm does not have to have the final word over your life. I believe when your struggle and courageous story come together, it can be seen and heard in a way that will bring restoration and healing. Once healed, you will again bring beauty to your own life and to the lives of others.

A little about me…

I have spent the last 20 years in education and counseling. In addition, my husband and I have been in full time ministry for 30 years. With this combined experience, I work with people in diverse situations including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and ministry or spiritual hurts.

Other Specialties:

Grief, spiritual abuse, trauma, PTSD, life transitions, parenting, women’s issues, shame, anxiety, depression, and pre-marital 

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