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Casey Gutierrez

Licensed Professional Counselor, PhD in Family Therapy, M.ed Counseling Psychology, Texas School Counselor Certification




Casey Gutierrez

Hi everyone. Welcome! From a young age, all things mental health have been my passion. Difficult situations, such as my parents’ divorce and serving in the military have contributed to my desire to serve and help others. I consider the prospect of serving you and/or your family a true privilege. To some, psychotherapy represents a safe and supportive resource and to others, it can represent a scary or stressful treatment or intervention. Either way, by connecting with a psychotherapist, you are taking the first step in a beautiful journey to betterment.

Most recently, I have worked for eight years as a psychotherapist and supervisor at a local non-profit. Mainly, my experience has been serving veterans, their partners, and their families. Prior to that I worked at a local school as an elementary school teacher and school counselor. My first full-time job was in the military where I worked for approximately ten years and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. These experiences have allowed me to better understand many challenges arising from anxiety, depression, parenting, absent parents/family, family of origin, dangerous occupations, trauma, and human sexuality. I have worked with many complex cases and enjoy the challenge of improving lives for the better.

I specialize in working with couples, families, and children. I am a systemic therapist who enjoys listening, understanding, and building a strong therapeutic relationship. My primary focus with children is through play therapy. Just as talk therapy is for adults, play is the language of children. I encourage self-discovery and self-exploration in a safe and nondirective environment.

I am trained in child centered play therapy which I use to work with children ages 3 to 9 in a dedicated play therapy room. I am also trained in sandplay therapy for adults and teenagers. While I often use a combination of approaches, I consider myself a Bowenian family therapist and see anxiety as often responsible for our struggles.

Other Specialties:

BFST Trained, SandPlay Therapy Trained, Child Centered Play Therapy Trained, Child Parent Relationships Therapy Trained 

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