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Brad Warren

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC, NCC




Brad Warren

You are a survivor. You have survived challenging circumstances your entire life, developing ways to cope with hardships, emotional wounds, and trauma. You made it. Well done.

However, the problem you are running into is that the coping skills you developed in your youth don’t quite work as an adult. As a result, you are having trouble in your relationships with your spouse, partner, friends, and family. The way you handled it in the past is making it worse. But now, you want to do more than survive. You want to feel secure. You want to feel loved. You want to thrive.

Maybe you tried before to share your struggles and feelings, only to be judged or scolded for displaying intense emotions. Perhaps you have even tried therapy before and left feeling that you did something wrong. Or worse, that something was wrong with you.

Let me be clear… there is nothing wrong with you.

I offer a place where you can cry, cuss, grieve, laugh, love, weep, and be silly with no judgment. All of us have made mistakes and done things for which we are not proud. You will find compassion here. This space may be the safest place you have ever encountered, and you are welcome.

Therapy is often messy and emotional. That’s ok; we have tissue. If you have never cried and were taught that you don’t cry in front of others, we have tissue. There is only one way to overcome the blocks in your life that are creating difficulties. Lean into the intense emotions and experience relief. It can be scary. You won’t always leave a session feeling better than when you came. But learning a new way to cope without avoiding emotions can improve your sense of self, heal relationships, and help you find joy.

I will be your safe guide, full of care and concern for your wellness as we travel this path of healing together.

Other Specialties:

Depression, anxiety, insomnia.

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