Counseling Approaches

Counseling Approaches

Counseling Approaches


We believe in the power of people and in the power of community. Different types of counseling approaches are aimed at different goals.

Individual counseling helps a person understand himself or herself better. It is an interior process helping a person gain insight into the reasons for a less than satisfactory life.

Couples counseling explores the unique dynamic in relationships between people fully committed to each other. A marriage partner has the power to affect his or her spouse in ways that no other person can.

Group counseling helps a person understand himself or herself in the context of relationships with others. It also allows controlled experimentation with different ways of relating to others that might be more successful.

Family counseling is concerned with the family as a system with complicated relational and authority structures that affect the health of everyone in the system.

Parenting counseling works to help parents build significant, trusting relationships between parents and children that encourage real communication and growth in the kids.

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