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Difficult Men and Stepfamilies


As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families. We do the same thing as Psychologists, Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors with more of a systems focus. A common misperception is that we only do marriage counseling. I help men and women with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, life transitions and other mental health issues. I work with couples along the spectrum from pre-marital to infidelity to divorce management. Being a male therapist, the man in a couple relationship doesn’t have to worry that he’ll hear two women going off at […]

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Yes, and Thinking


We are often predisposed to look at the world through a black and white lens. Either or dichotomous thinking is pervasive. A local comedy troupe, Four Day Weekend, espouses yes, and thinking where you build upon an idea instead of viewing it two dimensionally. So instead of get therapy or medication for depression it is get therapy and medication for depression. And that mindset can add get exercise and a faith and community connection. Try to apply yes, and thinking to your day today and see what possibilities open up. […]

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Personality Type


One of the entry points to my counseling career was psychological type. I was intrigued at how it was used to learn more about people and their behavior. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI with 16 profiles was where I cut my teeth, so to speak. The Enneagram with 9 profiles has been even better to use with clients, particularly couples. Helping people understand themselves better, even if only directionally, can make a huge difference in how they can see themselves getting better. You can take the Enneagram at a link on my website.

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Playing with words


Word combinations fascinate me. For instance, I am incredibly grateful to be a therapist in Fort Worth right now. Wonderful people and clients in a first class setting. Beautiful office to practice in thanks to my wife’s rich and colorful art. Even in my middle aged life stage, it’s almost like I am in a magical sweet spot. Loving and healthy family members. Solid and enduring friend connections. Opportunities to learn and grow. When I reflect on the entirety of it all I feel God’s love and blessing. And I […]

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What makes for great therapy?


It has to be a safe and welcoming environment for people to open up and be vulnerable. It is both art and science to connect with clients on a deep level and to know what to say and when. It is multifaceted and complex and yet deeply rewarding and gratifying. And I continue to be curious and learn more about our field and best evidence based practices. Because therapy is a calling that requires continuous growth.

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I Love It


When I am able to help save a marriage or a relationship. It is an honor to be a part of a process that is hard to describe. You really do need to be there to pick up on all of the emotions and complexity of a committed relationship. To see expressions and, ultimately, hearts change is something that I really love and am grateful to be the therapist in that room.  

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Light Bulb Moment


When I am working on a tense emotional or personal issue with a client perhaps involving depression. And through the process of deep and attentive listening themes and patterns emerge. An insight or “Lightbulb Moment” occurs and we will laugh and smile at that connection and how their lives can and will be better.

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