Benefitting from Diversity


Today we were in Dallas and we went by Dealey Plaza and the JFK Museum. As I asked my wife if she thought many people still believed it was a conspiracy (pre-truther and pre-birther), a man set up a display near us that put forth that very theory. That President Kennedy was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald as the Warren Commission concluded. Later, we were visiting the impressive Perot Museum and I was struck by how logical it was and how well it explained evolution and how we got […]

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“My husband and I just aren’t getting along.”


Telling a friend that your couple relationship may need some work is often the first step towards change. Some couples drift towards divorce and eventually get there. Other couples learn to accept a certain mediocrity and collude to ignore relationship challenges. The best couples address relationship issues with a professional third party, such as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Communication, money, parenting and intimacy issues can be successfully addressed. But you have to stop complaining to your friends and family and take action. Call Brad Nowlin at 817-676- 5904 […]

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Brad Speaks Girl Talk


I had a female client run into another female client in the waiting room of our private practice one day. She mentioned that they were discussing working with me and that they had agreed that I was helpful because I spoke “girl talk.” At first I was flummoxed, thinking I might need to turn in my ‘man card.’ But then it dawned on me that I was being praised and that speaking girl talk was a good thing. And then I realized that if I was fluent in girl talk, […]

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Focusing on What Matters


The author, Brene Brown, asks a question to evaluate whether something is essential. She asks will this serve the work? Gary Keller wrote a book around this concept: What One Thing. He asks what one thing, if done correctly, would make everything else easier and better. Mr. Keller advocates a single minded focus on this activity. What matters to me now is building my private practice. And the best way to do that is to humbly serve others and help them accomplish their therapeutic and life goals. That is what […]

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Passionate and Companionate Love


Couple relationships start off with romantic or passionate love. It is a chemical high not too different from the intoxication of drugs. The dopamine is flowing and people will say and feel that their partner is sexy, no matter what they are doing. Over time, often about four months, the chemicals die down and the relationship moves into a more mature companionate love. Couples can get into trouble in a number of ways as they may grow differently or not share values. However, by articulating their goals, feelings and concerns, […]

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Therapist neutrality


One of my friends recently told me of an unpleasant counseling experience he had with his ex- wife. The therapist took a neutral position on the disclosure that his wife was actively involved in an affair. Rather than saying in clear terms that it was unacceptable and counter to rebuilding the marriage, the therapist minimized her ongoing affair and steered the conversation to what he could do differently. I choose to not be neutral in working with couples. I wish to be marriage friendly; to encourage couples to make it. While I have worked with […]

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Infidelity is survivable


Having helped hundreds of couples over the last fifteen years has taught me an important lesson: Infidelity is survivable. To those couples in distress, you need to hear and believe this truth. It is not false hope as I’ve seen many couples not only survive, but reach a level of happiness in their relationship they didn’t think was possible. I often see people at their worst at first with anger, guilt, sadness, jealousy, rage and other emotions on full display. Yet with disciplined hard work and a genuine desire to seek and give forgiveness, couples […]

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