Benefitting from Diversity

Today we were in Dallas and we went by Dealey Plaza and the JFK Museum. As I asked my wife if she thought many people still believed it was a conspiracy (pre-truther and pre-birther), a man set up a display near us that put forth that very theory. That President Kennedy was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald as the Warren Commission concluded.

Later, we were visiting the impressive Perot Museum and I was struck by how logical it was and how well it explained evolution and how we got here as a species. Then I remembered a former client who had raved about the Creation Museum in Tennessee where they challenge evolution and other scientific theories.

In both cases you have a consensus and, yet, a small and vocal opposition. It’s almost as if nineteen fish will swim one way and there will be one that goes the other way. And perhaps that is part of God’s grand design to protect our species. What may appear to be unwise from the herd standpoint can benefit the herd because we ultimately benefit from diversity.


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